About Me

Bonjour! Bienvenue!

Je m’appelle Lynn. My name is Lynn.


I was born an East Malaysian, grew up in Singapore, and now lives in Upper Normandy, France.

I am a melting pot of Chinese and South East Asian culture. In 2013, I met a French man in Singapore and through many challenges and a year apart from each other,  i was able to move to France in Feb 16 and we now live together, and i get to keep my job in the meantime!

Before i moved to France, i was an office worker in the very busy country of Singapore. I could be seen rushing from places to places or working till late most of my days.  In my spare time, i tried to do what i love. I love doing yoga, and spent many years practicing Latin and Ballroom dances, reading, and traveling around Asia.

Since i’ve moved to France, life has obviously changed almost 360 degrees.  From the busy lifestyle to a relaxed, chilled working from home. From having lots of social life to almost none. From city life to a town life. From independence to having to rely on my French boyfriend on many basic things due to language barrier. From learning French, from making new friends, it’s all been an exciting journey.

I set up this blog to document my journey of integrating into the French society, bits and pieces of the cultural differences between Asian and French.

I also have an insatiable desire to explore the world so you will often hear stories of my travels. I appreciate the opportunity to be based in France as it serves as a rather strategic base for exploring the European region and you will get to hear of my travel stories.

Hopefully this site brings readers smiles as i recall insight to how an Asian/Msia/Singaporean live out her life in this little city called Le Havre, in Upper Normandy.

Stay tuned, and thank you for visiting!