36 hours in Upper Normandy, France

Taking this chance to introduce a few places around my area should you find yourself visiting upper Normandy or would like to add this region to your wanderlust list.

My friend, Chloe who now lives in Montreal visited me while vacationing in France with her boyfriend. It was a rare chance for us to meet up. So we did a mini trip around  this region (it was literally 36 hours of seeing each other including sleep).

We did a short tour of Le Havre, followed by Étretat overnight. The next day, we drove to Deauville, Beuvron-En-Auge, Pont-l’Eveque, and finally Honfleur before we parted ways.

If there are more time to spare, i would also suggest also adding another day to the itinerary forvisiting the city of Rouen, and consider the town of Giverny on the way back to Paris.

Here are some of the highlights:

Étretat – cute little seaside town famous for it’s white-washed cliffs and amazing sunset over the sea. This town could be really touristic during the summer months and a pain to get into. I’ve tried a few times during summer weekends and the cars parked all way few kms outside of the town meant chaos. Add to the list a very short fused temper of both Sam and me, we hardly made it into this town in Summer. During this trip, we went on a Monday and it was quiet, with good number of tourists for a nice atmospher however not anywhere near overwhelming. Climbing up to both sides of the cliffs were not difficult , there were either steps or nice paths to walk on.

Antifer plage/beach – on the way from Le Havre to Étretat, worth stopping at this beach. It’s almost secluded. It’s a pebble beach framed by the cliffs of Étretat. To get here, there is a parking however it’s about a 25 mins walk amongst a nice stretch of forest (with well maintained path).

Deauville beach – Deaville is a posh town, a favorite amongst parisians. With it’s sandy beach, posh seaside resorts, and posh shopping streets. Deauville is pretty in her own way, although i felt that it was alittle too artificial.

Beuvron-En-Auge: Another pretty little village with it’s half timbered houses which are the characterisitcs of Norman traditional houses. This village is situated along the cider route. 

Pont-l’Eveque – is the name of a town but also the name of a cheese of this region. Unfortunately the cheese factory is no longer opened in this town, but it’s still possible to visit nearby factories. We didnt do so as it was after 5pm and they are all closed.

Honfleur – The prettiest port in Normandy or was it the whole of France?! This little port is famous for it’s historic houses along the port, Impressionist art movement and small charming streets with half timbered houses.

Have you been to any of these places , did you like them? Let me hear your stories!


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